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Attractive Destination: Berlin

15. April 2011

A city that lives for twenty four hour is always an attractive destination to spend holiday, especially for young people. One of the city that never sleep is Berlin, there always somethings happen in every minute and every hour here. To spend holidays in Berlin it would be worth it and for this reason, it would not be a bad idea to rent an apartment in Berlin.

Where to live?

It is not a perfect question to ask, because we can live everywhere in Berlin. The easiness of transportation access make it perfect to live anywhere. Buses and trains always available everyday, even in Sunday. There are many option for area that you can choose to stay in Berlin, you can find it with Apartment finder or accommodation bureau which is not hard to find it in the internet. You can get better and better choice for place to live, so it’s just based on our decision not the option.

Travel Destination

Sometimes you couldn’t said that one place gives more attractive things to see than the others. From my experience, when people said that Brandenburger Tor is a great place to visit, I found upper east side is more attractive. I can see limited cars from famous automotive brand and also find a lot of big designer stores there too. But I couldn’t said that Brandenburger Tor would not be a travel destination too, my recent experience when I accompany my friend who just arrived in Berlin to Brandenburger Tor, we’re amazed with the view. There’s a pillow fight in Brandenburger Tor, and it is a huge pillow fight as many people participate in it. Even in U-bahn station in Brandenburger Tor we already greets by flying feathers.

Berlin could give a memorable moment everyday in every different places. For cheap alternative to travel around Berlin, it might be better if you can planned it first. For example which sight you want to visit so that you can sort it out and concludes in which area you will have to stay longer. If you can find a holiday apartment near to that area, it would reduce your expense for transportation. After all you can count on public transportation in here if you need to go to further place either. A holiday Apartments in Berlin could be the best alternative for budgeted traveler, it might be not as luxurious as in hotel but it can give the experience to live like the locals.

To have a walk at night in Berlin is not a bad idea either, the city lights or flashy light in television tower or Brandenburger Tor would be a nice background for your photos. If you want to travel by car, form my experience it is not a thing that I will recommended. It is not so easy to find parking space in Berlin and costly too. Except if you rent a car on the weekend, the parking space is free of charge but still not so easy to find one.

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